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Name Mona Farouk M. … Date 17-01-12 16:15


Purpose of Participation Presentation
Name Mona Farouk M. Ahmed
Affiliation Assistant Professor
Status Working for Busan University of Foreign Studies
Title of Paper Proposal Perspectives of Asian Studies in Egypt
Abstract The field of Asian studies is a distinct multidisciplinary field of academic research that promotes a broad  understanding of Asia’s past and present. The field has many aspects, to be included like; Asian culture, languages, history, religions, Economic development and political experiences.
In this Aspect, Asian studies encourage scholars from diverse disciplines to exchanges ideas and to have a deeper understanding of the Asian experience which help to promote peaceful human integration worldwide.
This paper tries to shed the light on the status and perspectives of Asian Studies in Egypt. This is through focusing on the Asian Studies programs through interdisciplinary centers that bring together scholars from various departments and schools to promote research activities on Asia. This includes conferences, publications and post graduate studies on Asia.
In Egypt, there is a generation of scholars have the awareness of the importance of Asian studies for Egypt, as Asia provides the Egyptian academic community with opportunities to widen the scope of its social science research by testing its theories in the Asian domain, and by generating new social science research questions from the rich Asian cultural diversity.
Unfortunately, the economic situation in Egypt had its impacts on putting obstacles against the progress of Asian studies. The paper also tries to stand on these obstacles and the difficulties facing the field of Asian studies in Egypt.
The paper deals with this issue through the following dimensions:
1- The Importance of Asian studies for Egypt.
2- The Actual beginning of Asian studies in Egypt.
3- The present status of Asian studies in Egypt.
4- The future perspectives of Asian Studies in Egypt.
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